March 2010: Chrysalis8
A strategic think-tank that commercializes best-in-class innovations and IP developed from the programs within TRS Foundation.

March 2010: LifeFoods
Sustainable foods company focusing on developing high-nutrition, high-protein food products for humanitarian efforts and disaster relief.

March 2010: Murr Pet Foods
North American market - brand launch of all natural and organic pet food products from Iceland's Sudavik village.

2009: ZeeVee and Zinc TV
Consumer electronic and media management, brand launch, positioning and messaging. User experience and interface platform.

2009: TRS Foundation
Building sustainable society with best innovations and interconnected pillars of sustainable foods, energy, education, technology, media and commerce.

November 2009: Harvest Power, Inc.
Through innovative technologies and unparalleled industry experience, Harvest provides the next generation of organic waste management: renewable energy and high-quality compost.

November 2009: Murr Pet Food
Iceland's all natural gourmet pet food brand.

April 2009: Hotel Toshi
Rejuvenation of Brooklyn.

October 2008: Jewel Destination Prototype City
Nation of Antigua, consist of sustainable energy, Media & Entertainment, Education, Food and Water, Technology and Free Trade Zone development.

September 2008: University of Trinidad and Security Program
Proposal - Provide security program for the newly developed natural gas and oil installations, integrated education, training and community initiatives with the security program through the University of Trinidad.

August 2008: eGenera Brand Development
Leading Server Virtualization product company. Conducted market and industry research and analysis, comprehensive brand positioning and messaging development. Develop strategic roadmap for restructuring product offerings and new business development plans. Marketing communications program supporting new strategic plans.

June 2008 Litl Brand Development
Litl, the new laptop computer company harnessed with the new generation web applications and utilities, designed to simplify lives in today's cluttered world. With the leading role as the creative director of the Litl brand, Assignment include creative direction of product design, application and user experience development, marketing and brand positioning platform and market analysis.

February 2008: Finger Lake Aquaculture
Brand development and marketing program for the Finger Lake Aquaculture. Create brand platform that provides brand messaging and positioning to establish the necessary marketing roadmap for both profitability and growth.

October 2007: American Greetings Interactives
Working directly with the CEO of the AGi. Project includes brand and messaging development, restructured of products and services among 19 portfolio brands. Creative exploration and strategic brand roadmap.

September 2007: Tetsuda Brand Launch
Tetsuda, a web-based portal for caregivers. Tetsuda Interconnecting caregivers through a community of knowledge, Tetsuda builds a network of compassion that plays an essential role as a conduit of change. By empowering and inspiring caregivers to share their experience, advice, and support, Tetsuda brand enables them to provide the best care, validate their mission, and take pride in giving back to the community. Project include product and service development, user experience and tools, marketing and brand communications, commerce-based website and Investors presentations.

June 2007: BusRadio relaunch and repositioning
BusRadio is the first and only radio show delivered exclusively to school buses nationwide. Participating buses are installed with BusRadio systems and receive daily original programming, all at zero cost to the school district. The system also has GPS and RFID capabilities as well as a panic button to connect the driver with the proper authorities in an emergency. The brand was repositioned and took on the role of the media gateway to the teens, it becomes a powerful advocate for children that enforces the advertisers and sponsors be socially responsible.

BusRadio programming is packed with age-appropriate top-40 music, kid-friendly news, exciting contests and positive messages about staying healthy and safe. The show also includes minimal, carefully selected sponsorships of which participating districts receive a portion of revenue. With BusRadio on board, noise levels drop, kids stay in their seats and the bus ride is safer and more fun than ever!

March 2007: Gaia Innovations
Gaia Innovations was founded by responsible idealists and visionaries who are well-grounded with decades of sustainable-energy experience and knowledge; capturing the current global timing to aggressively lead the migration to the GreenWorld that will sustain and improve the environment. as a leading provider of strategically based sustainable-energy solutions. Among the clutter of overused words and meaningless claims, Gaia is advancing on additional frontiers and harnessing with building and construction technology innovators to provide our customers with relevant and effective resources for sustainable-energy solutions. Gaia is also leading the way in sustainable-energy manufacturing development and training programs to make a significant economic contribution to local projects.

As a major international sustainable-energy consultancies that is a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, Gaia Innovations is committed to helping building project leaders, designers, and stakeholders maximize the benefits of a wide range sustainable-energy platforms.

October 2006 Didit.com
Reposition and re-brand the leading Search Marketing agency, Restructured product and service offerings to effectively impact clients' business. New corporate identity program and a new web image were created to signal its brand's intent. Other initiatives include messaging development, trade show and events, sales presentation and marketing programs. Since the brand development program, Didit ranked number 21 in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 Program and number 116 Fastest Growing Company in North America in 2008.

July 2006 Journal Watch, Massachusetts Medical Society
Repositioned the Journal Watch brand within the Massachusetts Medical Society to deliver timely clinical information and relevant medical knowledge to practice physicians with up-to-date information to provide best possible care for their patience. Integrated 14 print publications with its newly developed web based tools to serve the medical professionals and improve the quality of care around the world.

March 2006: Alito Scientific
Formed company with the mission to advance the treatment of chronic lung disease. Alito’s technology enables an implantable medical device which can supply 50% of lung function for the recipient. Worked with lead scientist for strategy of first candidate product for most time-efficient pathway to begin human trials. Formed founding team of world-class experts in manufacturing, medicine, engineering, FDA regulatory process, marketing, law, IP, business development, etc. Raised sufficient funds to execute first phase of development. Developed collaboration with manufacturing partner to improve prototype development and develop manufacturing process for large-scale manufacturing of device. Alito's first product candidate is a unique implantable, artificial lung device for ambulatory treatment of critical respiratory disorders including emphysema and other forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis, and other lung diseases. In conjuncture, we are developing products which are biohybrid systems that can be implanted in the body for longer durations and treat a broader patient population. Alito Scientific's ultimate product candidate is an implantable stem cell based biohybrid system which generates a fully functioning lung.

October 2005: Launched BioEngine.
Created company with foremost technology in the field of tissue/organ engineering to usher in revolution in medicine. First product candidate is an implantable liver assist device to treat all forms of liver disease. Strategized with lead scientist to create a product which would be accessible for human trials in the next three years. Negotiated exclusive license agreement for technology with MGH, MIT, and Draper Labs. Raised sufficient capital to execute this plan. Formed founding team that includes world-class experts in medicine, engineering, business development, law, intellectual property, FDA regulatory process, marketing, etc. Built BioEngine labs for manufacturing of device and developed engineering team to optimize device. Developed collaboration with manufacturing partner to improve prototype development and develop manufacturing process for large-scale manufacturing of device. Brought in commercial grants and institutional grants. Now on track to build definitive working prototype and to begin human trials in the next 18 months.

September 2005: EONS, Inc. Mr. Jeff Taylor, founder of Monster.com, had chosen BrandIntent as his strategic and creative partner as he prepares to launch his next company EONS, Created product platform to help individuals explore the value of time and to reassess the events of their life in a positive, energizing, and life affirming manner. Launched product services, a vehicle and network to allow people to realize their dreams and reach a community that shares their interests. Negotiated a wide platform of vertical and horizontal offerings ranging from financial planning, legal services, hospitality, entertainment, technology, interest groups, and social services from dating to community services. Created novel user interface for the baby boomer generation, including an exclusive search engine with focused search results specific for this demographic. This search engine was called "Cranky.""

August 2005: Big Red Chair to be Resurrected. BrandIntent is happy to learn that the large-size online retail brand it developed in 2000 is being launched with new management and funding.

June 2005.
BrandIntent to help iCAD expand and strengthen its leadership position in CAD (computer aided detection) cancer detection.
iCAD selected BrandIntent to help accelerate the penetration in CAD mammography and build a strong foundation in new CAD arenas.

May 2005.
McDonald's & Evans selects BrandIntent to expand its strategic partnership opportunities and redefine brand.

McDonalds & Evans has turned to BrandIntent to help mold and launch a new partnership based solutions business model.

March 2005.
I Jian Lin of BrandIntent to act as Creative Director for Hadley Pollet.

Hadley Pollet is deepening its relationship with BrandIntent to include product development, manufacturing, brand extension and event driven brand promotion.

December 2004.
BrandIntent to help Massachusetts Medical Society strengthen its position in the healthcare community.
Never before has there been such a need for leadership on the patient and physician advocacy front. BrandIntent will be working with the state’s most significant physician group, Massachusetts Medical Society, to ensure that this vital brand realizes its full potential in addressing the crisis in our state.

November 2004.
Falcon Air Freight selects BrandIntent to meet aggressive growth targets in the international freight forwarding industry.
As with other key industries, freight forwarding and logistics has become increasingly consolidated among a few high-profile carriers. BrandIntent was engaged by Falcon Air Freight to ensure that it continued to build upon its distinctive position in this highly competitive environment.

October 2004.
Hadley Pollet selects BrandIntent to accelerate its growth in fashion accessory industry.
Hadley Pollet, creator of breakthrough fashion belts and handbags, selected BrandIntent to distance itself from knock-offs and expand its brand among fashion-forward retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Fred Segal.

September 2004.
BrandIntent launches in test market il Dolce Futuro, the world’s first premium light ice cream that is low-fat and low-carb.
BrandIntent launched il Dolce Futuro in Providence, RI, with Dolce Food Corporation and secured grocery store freezer space within 2 months through a high-visibility positioning, packaging, radio and event program. Visit www.dolcefood.com to see the new brand we created or view our case study.

May 2004.
Mirror Image Internet, Inc. selects BrandIntent to develop leadership position in content delivery market.
Mirror Image Internet, Inc. has selected BrandIntent to accelerate the company’s penetration of key vertical segments and establish a viable position as one of the top-tier competitors alongside Akamai. See the result at www.mirror-image.com.

April 2004.
Kubotek USA, acquirer of CADKEY Corporation, selects BrandIntent to relaunch company.
Kubotek USA has entered into a broad-based brand development program to re-establish this industry veteran in the global CAD/CAM industry through a comprehensive brand development program and build its internal database marketing capability. View our case study or experience the new brand at www.kubotekusa.com.

February 2004.
BrandIntent to launch JefrTale, a house music DJ, into national retail environment.
DJ musicians have come out from behind their mixing-tables to become a dominant force in popular music. BrandIntent is working with JefrTale to develop the packaging, web and promotional support to take this club presence national.

February 2004.
BrandIntent develops new brand collateral system for search-engine marketing pioneer Inceptor, Inc.
To capitalize on its unique search-engine marketing suite, Inceptor, Inc., has retained BrandIntent to strengthen its collateral and trade show standards.

January 2004.
Lista International engages BrandIntent to develop new product line names for its newly acquired and merged technical workstations.
In 2003 Lista International acquired two new premium product lines to penetrate the industrial workspace environment. To leverage these new lines and extend Lista's leadership presence, BrandIntent will be developing two new product line names.