We define and execute new brand visions that:
  Secure and sustain a dominant market position.
  Accelerate market penetration and expansion.
  Increase return on brand, marketing and sales investments.
  Align actions, behaviors and communications.
  Establish new models of customer brand engagement.
  success factors
Seven tenets of our success:
  1. Leverage aggressive leadership branding principles to differentiate and attract.
  2. Surprise the market by thinking two steps ahead.
  3. Anchor the brand in a tangible, authentic commitment to improve how customers work and live.
  4. Activate powerful emotional motivators and universal desires.
  5. Create detailed brand maps to ensure coherence and cost-effective company proliferation.
  6. Design sensory brand experiences that wrap around the customer.
  7. Grant everyone permission to believe the best about a company.
  “I count on BrandIntent to redefine what is possible for Monster, both strategically and creatively. They have a rare ability to view the whole marketplace and anticipate how competitors and consumers are evolving. They understand what it takes to be the market leader and the fastest, most effective way to get there – and stay there.

BrandIntent is a critical component of our success; they are a true partner with whom I have an ongoing dialogue about the highest-level issues we face.”

Jeff Taylor
Founder and Chief Monster