Brand Positioning
A relentless focus on marketing strategy and forward thinking brand positioning is the critical difference between BrandIntent and other branding agencies.

No matter how technically sophisticated the product, dispersed the customers or volatile the environment – we succeed in isolating the most powerful, indelible thread that links product lines and capabilities and joining it to fulfilling the deepest motivations of each customer segment. The result is a brand positioning and marketing strategy that achieves the revenue growth our clients demand.

360-degree landscape.
Strategic interrogation is the impetus for the brand team to challenge assumptions, confront limitations that constrict a company’s long-term success and define the gap between current perceptions and a leadership position.

Through this process we build a dynamic, three-dimensional picture of the evolving interrelationships between customer expectations, client capabilities and competitive opportunities. This forward looking perspective considers evolving customer values that change in step with the economic, social and inter-personal trends.

Science of motivating behaviors.
Branding appears to be a shimmering mirage that floats mysteriously somewhere with values, experiences and emotions. In reality it’s a set of principles and disciplines that helps companies target the most powerful motivators of interest, consideration and purchase. We deliver marketing strategies that establish brands as vital to the deepest needs and desires of target customers.

building commitment.
Our fact-based, objective process ensures that every member of the brand team and along the customer interface understands and commits to a brand positioning and marketing strategy that is bold and powerful enough to change the competitive position of the company.

  “Encompass provided a structure that allowed Compaq Services to integrate enormous volumes of global brand/customer research data with the objectives of a complex multi-billion-dollar business, and create a compelling, executable brand strategy and execution directly addressing the issues and opportunities we saw in the market. The result was a viable platform to establish sustained business advantage.”

Dan Clark
Director of Worldwide Branding for Compaq Services
Compaq Computer Corporation

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