Measurement & Optimization
Every BrandIntent client faces the twin challenges of justifying marketing expenses and showing results – all while managing multiple offline and eMarketing channels and disjointed online marketing reporting mechanisms. We work with each client to design an integrated marketing program that optimizes the value of their website, online marketing, promotions, events, print media and partner programs to drive interest and action.

Focus on “actionable” data.
Once we develop the optimal mix we work with an integrated team of online marketing and digital technology experts to design programs that not only deliver trackable data but more importantly deliver “actionable” search engine optimization or eMarketing effectiveness data.

Understand the optimal mix of branding and promoting.
Although the overwhelming trend is to shift resources towards measurable eMarketing, the rush to abandon other media can be dangerous. There are many cases, such as new product launches into highly competitive consumer segments, where failure to attract mass attention can result in poor sales and no distribution.

Creative still rules.
There is no substitute for great work. The best “viral” online eMarketing campaigns succeed based on the quality of the creative. Consequently, our ultimate goal remains using the power of creativity to inspire attention, interest and action – using the most cost effective vehicles.

  “After introducing the new brand, we’ve seen a significant increase in website traffic and interest from investors, industry news media and analysts, plus a rapidly growing sales pipeline.”

Scott Samuels
Director of Marketing
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