Brand Development
The single greatest contribution we deliver to our clients is the ability to translate complex strategic problems and seemingly undifferentiated capabilities into compelling leadership brand positions. Distinctive, memorable brand identity, naming and marketing messaging systems then breathe life into these positions – altering perceptions and, ultimately, the competitive landscape.  

We believe our success is due to three distinct differences between BrandIntent and other firms.

Proprietary journey.
First, we follow a unique, proprietary methodology for developing and assessing a large range of different strategic positions. Through this collaborative journey we succeed in arriving at a leadership position and messaging hierarchy that is not only viable, but also achievable and fully endorsed.

Detailed roadmap.
Second, we are as committed to developing and rapidly spreading the right brand message as we are to communicating it visually. Once a leadership brand position is distilled and solidified we quickly build a succinct marketing messaging foundation that accelerates its application across the business. This foundation is the blueprint for each element of the creative execution – from brand identity, naming, new business presentations to public relations priorities, advertisements and website, consistent messaging contributes to one singular, value-driven image of the company.

Emotional spur.
Third, we follow a model of emotional/experiential branding that taps into multi-sensory factors. An emphasis on higher-level brand attributes, based on experience and emotions, asks naming conventions and marketing messaging to tap the most compelling motivators of belief and behavior.
  “BrandIntent has a unique ability to work with a client to derive the key elements and value-add of a company’s offerings, including strategic and aspirational positioning, and then take that derivation and turn it into very strong messaging to the customer. They help you understand who you are, and why you are. They push back, to help define and refine.”

Vic Odryna
Senior VP Marketing
Avocent Corporation

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