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Identity & Communications
Without a mental image, thinking is impossible. An identity is the image of the brand. It is the visualization of product, promise and culture.

As businesses accelerate the release of product enhancements and new services they enter an era of continuous corporate communications development.

To maintain a top-tier premium image, while bringing new products to market faster than ever before, all corporate communications, both print and electronic, must contribute to one positive singular leadership image.

By developing strict yet flexible corporate communications guidelines and providing easy-to-use templates, for print and web, we ensure that companies develop on-demand materials quickly, professionally, and cost effectively.

Living The Brand
Brand, ideally, is evident in everything from strategy to decisions about what a company offers and how it deals with customers.

Reputation = brand = behavior.

An organization’s behaviors are manifested through people, products and services; communications; and environment – both in the electronic economy and physical experience.

The alignment of intent and behavior is the key success factor of living the brand. There is no difference between what we sell and who we are.

  “Our close collaboration with BrandIntent during the course of the program was key to its success. I believe the new identity system that BrandIntent developed effectively articulates the tangible and intangible attributes that separate Storage Computer from the competition, as well as demonstrates a visible sign of our growth as a company and a major step in building brand identity.”

Anne Murphy-Brazao
Vice President of Marketing
Storage Computer Corporation